The Perez Hilton Box

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HAPPY Perez Hilton Box DAY, my Fram! Emphasis on the “Happy!” That is what you make me. And that is what I know this box will give back to you - happiness! We need that now more than ever. This year broke me. This year required so much work to heal. And I think many of you might feel the same way.

I very carefully put together this box to provide you with not just happiness, but also healing and an escape. Everything in here is dear to me - as are you!

Here's what you'll find in my box:

  1. “My Life In Scandal” Paperback Edition - A special paperback edition available ONLY in my box. ALSO, you have an opportunity to get a personally autographed bookplate - available at checkout. Makes a PERFECT Holiday gift!

  2. Starsona Video Greeting Gift Card - This is so awesome! I charge $85 on for my personalized video greetings and you are getting a gift card to redeem one for FREE! I told you I was giving you value! I’m going to be very busy the next few weeks making a lot of videos, with a smile on my face! 

  3. Gardenia-scented CandleGardenia-Candle - You know I had to include a candle! I love candles and this is my favorite scent -- gardenia. It reminds me of my Grandmother -- that was her favorite scent as well.

  4. Franklin & Whitman Exfoliating Face Mask - I love this face mask and all products from Franklin & WhitmanFranklin Whitman. They are a brand that does so much good and whose core mission. aligns with mine. I loved that I’m including a face mask because I use to get facials at the spa regularly, but then life happened -- Covid! But even before then, I stopped pampering myself. I have to be really mindful of how I spend my money, but self-care is important and so is taking care of your skin. And this is a wonderful product!

  5. Elle Johnson Hydrating Rose Facial Elixir - Moisturizing is so important and this will give you so much more hydration! I love to use it at night before bed. How do you enjoy using this? Let me know!

  6. Rose Quartz Crystal NecklaceRose Necklace - This is special! I hope you wear this often and think of me every time. Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal -- even if you don’t believe in crystals. It’s powerful - just by its color. My mom makes fun of me because I believe that there is energy in color. To me, pink has healing energy. So when you wear this, you are literally surrounded so closely by healing and love. And that makes me very happy!

  7. Plant Therapy “Loving Compassion” Essential OilPlant Oil - I love this product as I love everything in my box. I like to use this first thing in the morning when I wake up. I put the roller underneath my nostrils and inhale deeply. I do the same thing just before bed. It helps to wake me up in the morning and ground me at night. It helps to center me, focus me, heal me, and make me happy. I love it!

  8. Tea Forte Tea 2-pack - Remember what I said about hydration earlier? Well, it’s so important to not only hydrate your skin but hydrate your body as well. I love this Tea Forte Tea 2-pack because there’s a caffeinated tea and a decaffeinated tea. I will drink the caffeinated one in the late afternoon when I need some more caffeine and the decaf in the morning after I’ve already had my coffee. It’s just a great reminder to have more water. And also, now this is just me - and I’m not your doctor -- but the more tea you drink, the more coffee you drink, the more water you drink, the less hungry you are. It’s an appetite suppressant. I was very unhealthy at the beginning of the year so I love my Tea ForteTea Forte tea because it helps to curb my cravings a bit. 

  9. "Hollywood" Socks from FOOZYS -- These socks will help you walk into 2021 with a lot more fun - literally! 

  10. ICON / ICAN! Coffee Mug - I custom designed this mug just for you guys! I love the saying -- ICON / ICAN. You are an ICON. Believe it! And you CAN do anything you set your mind to. to. Believe it!

  11. eTONE FITNESS 7-Day Unlimited PasseTONE Pass - I’m so excited to include eTONE FITNESS in your box because a healthy body is a healthy mind! And eTONE has been a game-changer for me. The gyms in Los Angeles were closed almost all of 2020. I gained 42 pounds during the first lock-down. eTONE has helped me get back on my healthy journey and I’m never going back to the gym again. eTONE saves me time and money. It’s so effective. You don’t need equipment, and all fitness levels are welcome. In just 45 

My Fram, make sure to tag me in any posts you make across social media. I would love to share - whether you do an unboxing on YouTube, a video on TikTok, or a post on Instagram - any of that would be appreciated, as well as telling your friends and family, or a mention on Facebook, or Twitter, or Snapchat.

Enjoy this box. Enjoy your loved ones this holiday season.

And remember, I love you, and I mean it!

Yours forever,